Welcome! Today I’m interviewing Daniela Stones, Business Coach and Hypnotherapist, about the benefits of being creative and why crafting is good for you! I was recently chatting with a customer about how coming to class gives them a break from their everyday world and how much they enjoy that. I work with Daniela for my business and so I asked her to give us her professional opinion of the benefits of crafting!

Why Crafting Is Good For You DanielaTime for yourself

So Daniela, what would you say is the most important thing your clients need that crafting could help with?

Pip, I work with a lot of small business owners and people in all walks of business, the one thing they all seem to lack is “me time”. Especially the mums out there, they’re always putting themselves last, doing everything for everyone else, and running a business too. They feel worn out and sometimes are on the verge of giving up with their businesses or dreams. It’s not that they’re not capable it’s just that they don’t have the head space.

What is Coaching?

Coaching isn’t about telling people what to do or even suggesting things – it’s about helping people work through their own ideas and get to what they need now to move forward. A lot of the time it’s about blocking out a section of time for themselves, setting boundaries and sticking to them. Being kinder to themselves. Doing something like card making, memory keeping or anything creative can give them that space that’s something just for them.
Thinking that they need to be everything to everybody means they are not recognising that if they keep doing that it will probably lead to burn out.

People need time out to breathe and let their mind rest.

Why Crafting Is Good For You StressesWhat are other benefits?

I find that myself! So coming to a Card Making or Memory Keeping Class, what benefit would that give them in addition to the time for themselves?

We hear the word Mindfulness a lot these days and crafting can be a form of that. It’s a way of allowing their brain to switch off, to focus on something totally different from all your normal thoughts, worries and to do lists!
By taking the time out to come to a class they’ve set themselves some time out. By focusing on the actual physical act of inking, stamping, gluing and following a design, or choosing to change it up as they wish, means they’ve cleared their mind of the noise of everyday life. Giving a little breathing space to their brain.

Crafting with Others

I like the idea of giving my brain a little breathing space! How about crafting alone vs with company? Can you explain the different benefits that come from crafting with others as opposed to crafting alone? Explain why crafting is good for you in either format.

Crafting in a group is sociable. It’s about getting out and meeting people in a relaxed environment. So they get to mix with like-minded individuals and they make something. Making something gives you a feeling of gratification, you come away with something completed and achieved. For new stampers like me, that is also an amazing feeling – to have achieved something first time!

Or Crafting Alone?

I would say that crafting at home is more absorbing and would allow again that state of relaxation to develop. You become totally immersed in what you’re doing. You are focused on the stamping and getting the card or scrapbook page how you want it to be. It allows everything in your head that’s not stamping to switch off for a while.
For a new stamper like me, I felt Stampin’ Up! and you, Pip, gave me the tools to be creative without having to be an artist. There was a template of a card done for me to follow and the stamps created the image but I still felt like I was being creative when I made my cards – it felt great!
That feeling of energy and success is much the same as when you take a walk or go to the gym, you’re switching off from life and enjoying being in the moment. For those who can’t do a lot of walking or gym work, crafting can give them that sense of fulfilment and having achieved something.

Why Crafting Is Good For You TogetherWhy Crafting Is Good For You!

Well, thanks to Daniela for that inside knowledge on why crafting is good for you! So in summary, crafting provides some focus to allow your mind relaxation, gives you back some “me time”, it gives you a sense of fulfilment or achievement and if you craft with others it’s sociable too! No wonder it’s a popular pastime and growing countrywide. As a result of creating something for others you can gain a lot of benefits too.
If you’d like to experience some relaxation, mindfulness and a bit of a social you can choose to book up and come to one of my card classes. As Daniela says, they’re a lot of fun, relaxed and with no pressure. Let the stress and strains of life go for a few hours! Click here to see all my upcoming classes in my calendar. Once you’ve found the one that interests you just click RSVP and I’ll be in touch.

Thanks again Daniela for your time and insight; crafters I’m off to have some fun with stamps, ink & paper!

Crafty hugs, Pip x

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